Yogic Kundalini massage

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This field is a domain within Kundalini yoga and was driven by Yogi Bhajan in the 70s in the United States. Currently, there are about 30 different treatments that helps the patient to evolve, from the physical body to the pranic body, to the subtle body and from there to the radiant body. Some of the massages include “Strengthening of Being”, “Emotional balance”, and “Destress”. The movements of this massage are characterized by pressures from 10seconds to up to 1 minute and hollow claps that last up to 5 minutes.

The yogic Kundalini massage acts as a catalyst for bringing the spirit and the body together to release emotional as well as physical pain. It starts from an indeterminate meditative state and the progressive movements guide the patient to observe and recognize his pain as his own. This will raise up the subconscious pain stored in the body and gives the recipient an awareness. This awakening is the beginning of a physio-spiritual healing.

A one-day workshop includes two pre-heating massages (Golden Stove + Foot/head), and one long massage (Strengthening of Being).

Ignasi (1963) is a massage therapis in Ayurveda, Thai and Tantra, and manages the, which provides healing therapies for body, soul and mind. Over the past, he worked at several luxury wellness-spa including, Hilton-Nordica and Iceland-Natura in Iceland. He holds degrees in massage, yoga/meditation and gestalt therapies, including Ayurveda (indian Ayurveda Institute-Kerala), Thai massage (Sunshine-Thailand), Chiropracktor (ISED-Spain), Tantra (European Association-Netherlands), Kundalini yoga teacher (KRI-USA), SatNam Rasayan meditation healer (SNR Foundation-Netherlands), Gestalt-SAT (Claudio Naranjo Foundation-Spain). He is fluent Spanish, French and English.