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The ceremony of ‘Union of Souls’ is a recognition of two beings, complementary and opposites, which together form a whole. This union of equals, where no one is above the other, creates a grandeur that, separately, would be ineffectual. Two souls amalgamated make something genuine, which has never existed and never will.

When both beings are aware that the union is a convention without conflict between two opposites, the fact can be interpreted as an opportunity to facilitate inner growth, taking into account the views of another, like an adventure of knowledge, acceptance and mutual respect.

In the Union of Souls, it consents complete freedom to the other, so its existence and essence grow day by day, avoiding any logic of possession. It must diligently seek out novel ways of being together and loving. The adventure continues endlessly, as each person is an infinite and inexhaustible mystery. It may be possible to say “I know you”. For one thing, the more you know about someone, the more cryptic he/she becomes.

The ceremony goes through the Four Elements of Life: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, using a ritual with each of them.

Ignasi (1963) is a massage therapis in Ayurveda, Thai and Tantra, and manages the www.sangam.institute, which provides healing therapies for body, soul and mind. Over the past, he worked at several luxury wellness-spa including, Hilton-Nordica and Iceland-Natura in Iceland. He holds degrees in massage, yoga/meditation and gestalt therapies, including Ayurveda (indian Ayurveda Institute-Kerala), Thai massage (Sunshine-Thailand), Chiropracktor (ISED-Spain), Tantra (European Association-Netherlands), Kundalini yoga teacher (KRI-USA), SatNam Rasayan meditation healer (SNR Foundation-Netherlands), Gestalt-SAT (Claudio Naranjo Foundation-Spain). He is fluent Spanish, French and English.