Sat Nam Rasayan

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Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing Kundalini meditation for people suffering from any kind of illness. Emotional and intellectual patterns are forged into one’s childhood. A person’s experience with his/her family, school, cultural biases and also genetic factors contribute to this. When ill, we become dependent on the combination of all these factors.

The relationship between the patient and the healer is that of a meditative silence in which the patient’s ailments are manifested to the healer as sensations and resistances. He allows them to flow, until dissolved and therefore permits the modification of reaction patterns in the patient. Thus the patient becomes tolerant to his/her own disorder and the reactions cease. At this point, his/her body activates resources of physical and emotional self-healing that altogether change the course of the disease.

The legacy of Sat Nam Rasayan was bestowed on to Guru Dev Singh in the 90’s by Yogi Bhajan.

Ignasi (1963) is a massage therapis in Ayurveda, Thai and Tantra, and manages the, which provides healing therapies for body, soul and mind. Over the past, he worked at several luxury wellness-spa including, Hilton-Nordica and Iceland-Natura in Iceland. He holds degrees in massage, yoga/meditation and gestalt therapies, including Ayurveda (indian Ayurveda Institute-Kerala), Thai massage (Sunshine-Thailand), Chiropracktor (ISED-Spain), Tantra (European Association-Netherlands), Kundalini yoga teacher (KRI-USA), SatNam Rasayan meditation healer (SNR Foundation-Netherlands), Gestalt-SAT (Claudio Naranjo Foundation-Spain). He is fluent Spanish, French and English.