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The name Sangam means confluence of rivers.

In the Indian city, Allahabad three rivers cross each other, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. This confluence of these diverse rivers is important because every 12 years Kumbh Mela- Worlds largest pilgrimage is held at Allahabad. In 2013, around 80 million people attended the Kumbh in a month’s time.

The three rivers are different. While the Ganges is shallow, grayish and mighty, the Yamuna has depth, it’s green and calm. By contrast, the mythical Saraswati is believed to run underground. This aquifer confluence in Allahabad continues to flow until it joins the Bay of Bengal. A bath in this special place cleanses the body, mind and soul.

Sangam is the channelization of different sources into one direction by unifying the diversity.

The meaning of Sangam is a perfect metaphor to define what we offer, obeisance to ancient methods of consciousness evolution blended with contemporary approach and Technological usage. Therefore, we channelize the ancient knowledge, skills to be practiced in present lifestyle and technological advancement for uplifting one’s mind, body and the soul.

We wish Sangam Institute to grow up with the confluence of all those who integrate it, with diversity and different approaches to finally make up the ‘one’ vital river that nourishes us.

We have categorized the “Technologies of Self-consciousness and Evolution” with reference to body, mind and soul. So you can choose the combination of which are appropriate to your vital path to self-knowledge. These techniques and practices bring awareness, sensitivity and creativity. Therefore, the multiple approaches as brought together by Sangam Institute contribute to the holistic development of an individual.