Pregnancy – Abhianga yurveda

Pregnancy – Abhianga yurveda massage treatment 2017-08-07T20:39:26+00:00

Massage for pregnant women in Ayurveda is initiated from the fourth month which is when risk to the fetus is minimized and the glands secrete hormones in excess (Progesterone, Oxytocin, Estrogen etc.). In Ayurveda, it is performed on the floor and mainly employs two lateral positions. However, in the Western world, it runs on a special table with a hole at the height of the belly.

The muscles that contain the uterus emerge from the spine transverse vertebra at the sacral-lumbar area. Thus, attention is paid to ease the tension generated by the weight of the fetus in the lumbar area, where the gravity and stability of the physique encounters a drastic change. Massaging also reduces the level of water and swelling in the body, especially in the joints and also improves blood circulation in the extremities.

In an Ayurveda massage, refreshing oils such as coconut or palm are chosen over mustard or sesame.

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