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The Naming ceremony celebrates the welcoming of a new life, into the world. It will be introduced to family and friends and the gathering becomes a commitment of love and best wishes to the baby.

The arrival of a child into the family is like a pebble thrown into a pond: Ripples spread in circles and thus, it affects not only the mother and the couple, but also the other close relatives, friends, community and ultimately the entire planet.

The ceremony goes through the Four Elements of Life: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, using a ritual with each of them.

Ignasi (1963) is a massage therapis in Ayurveda, Thai and Tantra, and manages the www.sangam.institute, which provides healing therapies for body, soul and mind. Over the past, he worked at several luxury wellness-spa including, Hilton-Nordica and Iceland-Natura in Iceland. He holds degrees in massage, yoga/meditation and gestalt therapies, including Ayurveda (indian Ayurveda Institute-Kerala), Thai massage (Sunshine-Thailand), Chiropracktor (ISED-Spain), Tantra (European Association-Netherlands), Kundalini yoga teacher (KRI-USA), SatNam Rasayan meditation healer (SNR Foundation-Netherlands), Gestalt-SAT (Claudio Naranjo Foundation-Spain). He is fluent Spanish, French and English.