Leaving the body

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A funeral ceremony is performed on the body left behind the soul that is freed in death. It is a ritual in which all participants help in returning the soul of the deceased person back to the universe. It takes place in the interval between the third and fortieth day after death. The ceremony seeks to liberate the participants from the grief of loss and fill the void created, by instilling in them a sense of gratitude. It is held, so that the dear soul passing through this world, as well as, all relatives can happily deal with the transition of the soul into a new realm. Although, we shall never forget the person, he/ she is set free by this ceremony.

When someone close to us dies, within us, a deafening silence oppresses the soul. From that point on, you can no longer resume living, feeling, touching or sharing with the being. But we easily forget that death is always with us and that many times, we forget to make most of the present moment, instead, we dream, desire and plan for our future. If only, we were conscious of this eminent truth, we would have lived our lives differently. We would be content with the gift of being alive and this would be enough to make us happy and fulfil the purpose of existence.

The ceremony goes through the Four Elements of Life: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, using a ritual with each of them.

Ignasi (1963) is a massage therapis in Ayurveda, Thai and Tantra, and manages the www.sangam.institute, which provides healing therapies for body, soul and mind. Over the past, he worked at several luxury wellness-spa including, Hilton-Nordica and Iceland-Natura in Iceland. He holds degrees in massage, yoga/meditation and gestalt therapies, including Ayurveda (indian Ayurveda Institute-Kerala), Thai massage (Sunshine-Thailand), Chiropracktor (ISED-Spain), Tantra (European Association-Netherlands), Kundalini yoga teacher (KRI-USA), SatNam Rasayan meditation healer (SNR Foundation-Netherlands), Gestalt-SAT (Claudio Naranjo Foundation-Spain). He is fluent Spanish, French and English.