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Yoga comes from the Sanskrit ‘Yug’ which means ‘to unite’. Yoga is an Indian discipline that focuses union of the mind, body and soul. When two Beings are converging into one soul, it is called the yoga of yogas. At the beginning, it can be difficult and superficial due to the individual spaces and egoistic mask. Opening ourselves creates a feeling of vulnerability and an illusion of detachment, depriving us of the joy of sharing ourselves with others.

Through Kundalini yoga techniques such as, pranayamas, meditations, Venus kriya, Tantric breathing, asanas or relaxation, we find ourselves and face our emotions, with unlimited energy flowing into conscious human relationships.

Yoga is aproached from a new dimension to deepen how we present ourselves to others, co-operate, empathize, tolerate, listen, commit, support and coordinate.  All these characteristics will help us expand individual and collective horizons.


Onkar (1963) holds massage degrees in Ayurveda by Indian Ayurveda Massage Institute (Kerala), and in Thai by Sunshine Thai Traditional Massage (Thailand). He has studied Chiropracktor at ISED (Spain), Tantric at European Tantric Massage Association (Netherlands) and Yogic Kundalini at Healing Hands (Spain). Onkar is also Kundalini yoga/meditacion teacher by IKYTA, and SatNam Rasayan healer. He is fluent in Spanish, French and English.